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どうして? (Slap/Kiss-Cut)

$5.99 - $7.99
どうして? (Slap/Kiss-Cut)

Created for people who meet the applicable criteria:
- Putting Electrical Tape over their Check Engine Light.
- People who drive with their gas light on and think they're still good for another trip when they aren't.
-People with busted TPMS and/or low tire pressure.
-Any other joke that fits the Shitbox bingo chart.

Slap measures 8" x 3" inches, weatherproof up to around 5 years, gloss finish & spot holographic.

Taiyoracingcompany helped out with the holographic texture used while planning this design. Desuprint also gave advice on creating the ink layers for spot printing. Go check both of them out respectively.

Kiss-cut measures 5" x 4.97", weatherproof up to around 5 years, gloss finish.